Tip 1 - Family photos

I have found that the day runs a lot smoother if the posed guest photos are done straight after the ceremony, prior to any guests getting drinks, canapes or spreading out around the venue.

Tip 2 - Family photos

Start the posed group photos with a photo of all the guests and order the rest so that as many guests as possible can be finished as soon as possible. For example, if your remaining shots are just close family and wedding party, you can allow everyone else to go. This keeps guests happy and makes the remaining photos easier to organise. It also helps with a staggered entrance to the bar or for canapes.

Tip 3 - Extra couple shots

Unless you are doing a welcome line into the wedding breakfast, it can feel a little anti-climatic and awkward to sit and wait for all your guests to enter and find their seats before your entrance. Instead, 10-15 minutes before your guests are due to be called in, head off with the photographer for some couple shots around the venue.

Tip 4 - Sunset

Look up Sunset time and consider setting aside a little time for some more couple shots. You might get some great lighting and be a bit more relaxed getting your picture taken as the day goes on (Especially if the drinks are flowing!)

Tip 5 - Posing (Or not)

When having my picture taken, I prefer not to be directed as I find it quite awkward and, as a photographer, I prefer not to pose you.  If you prefer direction, let me know, but otherwise, I tend to say to my couples to just enjoy a bit of peace from the chaos of the day whilst I try some shots. My tip number five is: Look up wedding photography poses. It might feel a bit cheesy, but you may find some styles you like and it may help you get comfortable in front of the camera knowing that you have a pose or two in the back pocket if you need them.