Replace cutting of the cake with the biting of the donut! It makes for a brilliant photo and a hilarious moment - and a bit of mess too! Then welcome everyone to take one of their own from the donut wall! It's something a bit different, easy to organise and who doesn't love a donut!

The Great Wedding bake off

This is an idea I love. It requires a bit of guest participation in a way that will have everyone talking.  Put out the option to the guests to bake and bring their own cakes and select a judge to brand one a winner (Alternatives to the format could include a guest vote or multiple winners of different categories with an overall winner) The winners cake is then cut by the bride and groom.

A bonus to this great idea; Loads of cake!

Macaroon tower

A macaroon tower is a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake.  They look great and can be as colourful as you wish, even being tailor made to suit your colour scheme.  Guests can help themselves throughout the evening and when they are done, there is little clean up. A great choice all round.